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Compressed air is a type of storage energy that is often used in the production industry when the use of electrical energy is not appropriate or dangerous. Many tools and equipment that work with compressed air are not resistant to water or moisture.

Many processes that use compressed air are process products that are not resistant to water or moisture. As a natural result of the compression cycle, water is usually released in the compressed air circuit.

Raw compressed air, containing solid, liquid and gas contaminants, is highly risky as it can damage your air system and your final product. Compressed air cools down as it travels through the air distribution system and the existing moisture condenses into liquid, resulting in corrosion in the air delivery pipes and corrosion at the end-use points. It may need dryers with different ways of working in different compressed air and where the moisture in the air starts to condense. The air dryers absorb these moisture and particles from the compressed air system, allowing it to be continuously removed from the system and extend the machine’s operating life. The air dryers have three different types of refrigerated, high pressure and chemical.

Air filters are a device of fiber materials designed to capture particles such as dust pollen mold in the air before reaching the compressor. The air filters have three different types: Compressed, filament and high pressure.