Tailored Solutions for Your Turbo Compressor Needs

When it comes to meeting your centrifugal compressor requirements, TRYCOMP® stands ready to ease the pressure. Whether your processes demand LNG, midstream, chemical/petrochemical, or fertilizer applications, we offer tailored solutions that fit your unique needs.

Technology for Superior Oil-Free Performance

In the sphere of oil-free screw compressors, our focus remains unwavering on efficiency and eco-friendliness. Irrespective of size or scope, TRYCOMP® designs oil-free screw compressors that deliver exceptional performance while maintaining environmental stewardship.

Optimized Compressor Technology for Efficiency

Regardless of size, our centrifugal compressors prioritize efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Whether it’s integrally geared or single shaft compressors, TRYCOMP® excels in delivering some of the most efficient solutions in the industry.

Prepared for Your Process Challenges

Every piece of turbomachinery from TRYCOMP® is crafted specifically for your applications. We collaborate closely with leading component manufacturers and with you to match your exact process specifications even before the first impeller is machined. This meticulous approach ensures optimal results once the machinery is operational. Our commitment includes adhering to industry standards air & gas compressors.