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Hereby we would like to present Arnika Company established in Turkey – Istanbul 6 years ago. The company is led by extremely successful and talented individuals with over 50 years of experience in the Air Compressor industry.

As a compressed air and gas solution provider

Package supplier, and equipment manufacturer in the field of compressed air equipment. Arnika’s management, commercial and technical body structure is based on experience in human needs and resources. This has been made possible through decades of training in compressed air solutions.

TRYCOMP® is a trademarked brand of the Arnika Company that determines the needs of the end-user and offers the most accurate recipe, cooperates with brands of international quality that have proven their worth, and leads the compressed air sector throughout production.

TRYCOMP® undertakes all the projects it has signed with the guidance of years of experience, and the dynamism of its innovative and young staff. The basis of competence in the process from the beginning to the end of TRYCOMP®’s projects is the harmony of this experience and dynamism. As TRYCOMP®, the idea of always seeing ourselves as the “end user’s solution
partner” forms the basis of satisfaction in our after-sales services.

TRYCOMP® produces its designs with the latest technology, high performance even under difficult conditions, the most efficient use of resources, and sustainability principles.

Arnika and TRYCOMP® brand support their market and clients as:

  • Manufacturing and assembling air compressor oil-injected screw types from 1 cubic meter to 60 cubic meters per min in different pressure ranges of operation.
  • Assembling industrial piston-type compressors from 250 liters per minute to 3.000 liters
    per minute and different pressure ranges of operation, both oil-injected and oil-free class of compressors.
  • Production of piston-type high-pressure compressors up to 40 bar of operation and more by order and application of clients.
  • Production of compressed air receivers (ASME code receivers) up to 30.000 liters.

  • Manufacturing of desiccant adsorption dryers both heatless and heat regenerated types up to 70000 liters per minute.

  • Manufacturing compact integrated skid base compressed air systems including screw air.
  • Compressors, air receivers, air filters, and air dryers.

  • Exclusive distributor, after-sale service agency of Italy FINI & SHAMAL in all product ranges in turkey and the central Asia region.

  • Official distributor, Representative after-sale service of ABAC (ATLAS COPCO MULTI BRAND corporation).
  • Official distributor, Representative after-sale service of FRIULAIR COMPANY FOR Turkey Territory.
  • Exclusive distributor of high quality and esteem Chinese companies. For compressor valves & Aluminum Air/Oil Cooler and accessories of requirement Air Compressed Industry.
  • The supply chain of all compressor types spares and consumption parts in the middle east & Middle Asian market area.
  • Production of piston-type booster compressor up to 9.850 liters per minute up to 40 bar. range of operation and more by order and application of the client.

From 2012-2020 Take official agent from FNA Group.
Cooperation and providing spare parts from reliable brands like SHAMAL, NUAIR, and FINI-Mutual cooperation in terms of design and installation with CKD parts between our company and FINI (Italy) d Turkey.

With Best Regards
Istanbul/Turkey JULY.2022

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