With more than 60 years of experience, 1300 employees and five production sites, FINI is a global leader in the compressed air sector. The high quality standards, the constant study of innovative products, the ongoing investment in R & D and special attention to Clients’ needs are the values for which FINI and its products have always stood out: 10 million compressors in 120 countries worldwide that every day operate manufacturing processes and meet a variety of needs from industries and professionals in terms of compressed air.


The SHAMAL brandon the compressed air market for over 50 years, is specialized in the production of a wide range of air compressors for professional and industrial use.
SHAMAL combines tradition with great experience in the field and the accuracy of its production

Their compressors are designed, manufactured and tested within our premises to guarantee high quality standards during every stage of the production process.                                  


All SHAMAL compressors are designed, built and tested on production sites of the FINI International Group: Providing a high level of quality guarantee at every stage of the production process.


The FSN brand ensures original components that have been accurately selected, checked and tested by specialised technicians for use on our screw and piston compressors. The use of certified original spare parts reduces running costs and guarantees the efficiency, reliability and durability of the compressor.
Spare parts are stored in our “Logimat” centralised automated warehouse  covering 10,000 sq m in Zola Predosa where every day we manage more than 12,000 codes.


Oil-injected air is one of the largest suppliers of gas tips and compact units to the world market. With our core capabilities, we are focusing on the research, design, production and sales of oil-injected screw compressors, delivering our products to OEM customers.

We are a loyal partner who provides strong and reliable support to customers in more than 60 countries around the world, depending on the individually and privately held BAUER Group. We guarantee world-class product quality and reliability with our highly advanced factory located in southern Germany, close to Munich

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  • Effective and solituon-oriented approach.

  • Reliable service attitude.
  • Innovative solutions.
  • Best price with Europe Standards.
  • Team spirit and ambition.