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our range of advanced belt driven compressors is designed for craftsmen and small/medium-sized industries where air quality, durability and efficiency are essential for everyday use. With large displacement of pump units, low speed value, integrity of installation, lack of vibration, this is one of the flagship lines of the entire Fini piston series.

Available in tanks ranging from 25 to 900 liters with power ratings from 2 to 20 HP. THE ADVANCED series consists of single and double-stage products.



  • Cast iron cylinders with mechanical machining to minimize oil consumption and pre-work segments
  • The aluminum intermediate manifold between the low and high pressure values, high efficiency valve plate for superior performance
  • Final manifold and full protection belt cover for better cooling for incoming air of the tank
  • “BKV” versions with V-shaped cast iron cylinder
  • “BKT Tandem” with 2 double cylinder pump units
    also available on models with 270 liter vertical storage




  • Wheeled tanks to easier transport
  • Electromechanical pressure switch, pressure reducer with pressure gauge and universal quick tap
  • Electric motor overload protection with manual reset.
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